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Nothing was better for Ernest Hemingway, the iconic American author, than a good Cuban mojito. If he were alive today and in NYC, he’d choose Agozar when he felt a little nostalgic for Havana. One sip of one of Agozar’s ten unique mojitos will prove that there are few better ways than drinking a refreshing mojito to relax a little and enjoy the sweetness of life.

Tradicional 12

rum, mint, sugar, lime

Papa Hemingway 13

gold rum, mint, sugar, lime

Tropical 13

rum, mint, sugar, orange, pineapple

Caribeño 13

rum, mint, sugar, peach, mango, passion fruit

Sangrito 13

rum, mint, sugar, red sangria

Fres~Co 13

strawberry—basil mojito

Huracán 13

mojito, amaretto, oj, pineapple, passion, cherry