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Havana Room

The Havana Room, Agozar!’s Main Dining Room, is as inviting a room as any. With walls the color of ripe mangoes and eye-catching tables on a wood floor, the vivid colors throughout the room call to mind a place of mild winters and ocean breezes. The paintings that line the walls of the Havana Room capture the music and rhythm of the Cuban people, the nation which gave us salsa, rumba and mambo. From our menus, your guests choose from some of the best Cuban dishes in New York. With seating for 50 or standing room for 75, this room is sure to fill your event with energy.

Mojito Lounge

Many gatherings don’t take up whole rooms, but are no less important. The semi-private Mojito Lounge, set to the rear of the bar, fills this need, accommodating up to 15 people for whatever occasion you desire. This space offers a special intimacy and charm without the bustle of a large party. It is a especially good spot to relax, share a couple laughs and test out Cuban cocktails and tapas.

The Bar & Mojito Lounge

Agozar!’s name roughly translates “to enjoy.” Our popular brick-lined bar is a great place to begin. Receptions in this room feature an open bar and a wide assortment of tapas that are sure to enliven your guests’ evening. Our welcoming bartenders mix classic Cuban cocktails along with ones you probably never heard of. From calamari to chorizo to empanaditas, a plentiful supply of tapas provides the perfect complement to the drinks, conversation and pleasant atmosphere. The room’s lounge seating and hi-top tables serve those who want to give their feet a break. Receptions can hold 50 people in The Bar & Mojito Lounge, a setting poised to be the highlight of their day or night.